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[ 01 / about TLEX ]

Improving traffic flow and road safety

Elevate traffic management and safety with our TLEX platform, a cornerstone in connected mobility and digital infrastructure.

By seamlessly connecting roadside technology with service providers, automakers, and road users, TLEX offers a comprehensive solution for dynamic, two-way data exchange. Designed for scalability and cross-compatibility, its superior functionality facilitates smoother traffic, enhances safety, and empowers smart city initiatives through informed decision-making.

[ 02 / Why TLEX? ]

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Proven at scale

A trusted choice in the Netherlands, Flanders, and across Europe, TLEX is pivotal in scaling C-ITS deployments, directly addressing the needs of road authorities, urban planners, and regions committed to innovative, sustainable mobility.

Plug-and-play interoperability

Ready out of the box, TLEX champions plug-and-play interoperability with suppliers and service providers, embracing international standards for effortless integration and universal compatibility, all within an ever-growing partner ecosystem.

Most complete functionality in the market

TLEX is the most comprehensive solution in the smart mobility sector, offering unparalleled functionality. Get the facts with our free comparison report.


Embrace the digital revolution with TLEX, a constantly improving platform compliant with international standards that offers new functionalities at least twice a year. Embrace the digital revolution with TLEX.

[ 03 / Values ]

Your assurance, our guarantees


As leaders in connectivity, we guarantee unmatched reliability, scalability, and continuous innovation to drive the future of mobility. As we show everyday in TLEX large-scale deployments worldwide.


TLEX simplifies tech, encourages multipurpose data use, automates quality control, and affordably supports scalable deployments within an interoperable, all-inclusive mobility ecosystem.


With a flawless record since 2016, we set the industry's benchmark for security and privacy.

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Monotch’s platform empowers road authorities and road users

Proudly powering connections since 2016, TLEX boasts a track record of zero security breaches and 100% uptime. Currently facilitating nearly 2 billion daily message exchanges, our network spans across seven countries, connecting numerous authorities and continuing to grow.

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