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Cities & Regions

Monotch helps cities and regions improve accessibility, safety, and sustainability while facilitating real-time traffic management.

We empower cities and regions to realise their smart mobility visions, seamlessly enhancing mobility. Our TLEX platform enables local and regional road authorities to boost traffic flow and effectively implement and assess traffic policies, utilising in-depth, real-time traffic data. This innovative approach bypasses the need for costly roadside communication infrastructures, offering a smarter, data-driven pathway to urban mobility management.


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Road authorities

We ensure that urban and interurban areas benefit from a more efficient and safer traffic flow.

We empower road authorities to meet smart mobility objectives, enhance urban and interurban traffic flow, improve safety, and reduce emissions. Our TLEX platform breaks down data silos and makes data available for multiple purposes, enabling optimisation of traffic flow. Think about busy intersections, city centres, and major roads with improved traffic flows through innovative solutions like time-to-green information, traffic prioritisation, and safety warnings. Allowing direct interaction with road users ensures safer, more efficient journeys with reliable travel times, thanks to real-time data for swift, effective traffic management and policy analysis.

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ITS Industry

Working together and creating partnerships to shape the future of the mobility ecosystem.

At Monotch, we believe in the power of connection—not just in mobility but in the partnerships that drive innovation, progress and business results. Our mission is to make traffic talk, and we know that achieving this is not a solo journey. It requires the collective expertise, technology, and passion of the entire mobility ecosystem, which shares our vision for a safer, more efficient, and sustainable mobility ecosystem while creating healthy business models.


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Traffic Live Exchange (TLEX) platform by Monotch