About us

Monotch’s journey began in the ’90s when our founders envisioned the future of technology and mobility.

Despite the limitations of the time, their dream lived on. It wasn’t until 2016 that technology caught up, empowering Monotch to turn that dream into a reality.

Today, Monotch stands as the backbone of digital infrastructure and connected mobility. Our platform seamlessly weaves together the entire mobility ecosystem with a relentless focus on cost-efficiency and safety. Unlike mere concepts, our platform is a proven solution, reshaping the mobility sector.

We ensure that everything is not just conceptual but ready for immediate use upon reaching our customers. Our commitment extends beyond promises; we guarantee tangible and positive outcomes, emphasising safety in our solutions and platforms. This assurance extends to all stakeholders: road users, authorities, partners, car OEMs, smart cities, and more.

Monotch provides solutions and technologies that give complete confidence. Our mission is anchored in impact – direct, measurable impact on partners, customers, and the broader mobility ecosystem. Monotch sparks a chain reaction of improvements that drives substantial change in mobility efficiency and safety and leads to a more sustainable future. Safe, proven, and impactful.