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Provide in vehicle warnings of approaching emergency vehicles


The future of sirens is in-vehicle

Imagine a world where the wail of a siren is no longer your first warning. In today’s bustling streets, the difference between a safe clearance and a near miss can be mere seconds. Monotch’s TLEX system is a game-changer for setting emergency vehicle alerts. It allows you to give drivers crucial seconds to react, ensuring that emergency vehicles can navigate traffic swiftly and safely.

[ 01 / How ]

How emergency vehicle warning works

Our technology leaps into action the moment an emergency vehicle is dispatched. Utilising anonymised vehicle data, third-party systems communicate directly with drivers through onboard units or mobile applications, courtesy of the TLEX platform. This seamless integration means that warnings are timely, precise, and, ultimately, life-saving.

[ 02 / Benefits ]

Impactful emergency alerts

Sending emergency vehicle alerts through TLEX is not just innovative; it’s impactful, offering:

  • Accelerated emergency response times,
  • Extended awareness of emergency vehicle alerts,
  • Enhanced safety for all road users.

We’re not just reducing response times; we’re building a safer, more responsive road network.

[ 03 / Effect ]

The lifesaving impact

Real-time emergency vehicle warnings effectiveness is measurable in lives saved and accidents prevented.

These aren’t just numbers but real-world impacts, enhancing safety and saving lives daily.

Reduction in fatalities
Reduction in injuries on road users
Reduction in accidents involving emergency vehicles

[ Results ]

Our implementations


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