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Knowledge empowers the logistics sector

Dive into our portfolio and lead the innovation in logistics. Monotch, in collaboration with industry partners, has engineered several pioneering use cases for industrial transport. The TLEX platform stands at the core of applications such as::

  • Real-time intelligent tyre pressure monitoring,
  • Streamlined container goods flow
  • Truck (fleet) priority

These innovations enhance safety and drive down costs and emissions, setting a new standard for fleet management efficiency.

[ 01 / How ]

Tyre pressure monitoring, container tracking and truck priority - all benefit the logistics sector

Tyre pressure monitoring:

  • A truck passes over a tyre pressure sensor embedded in the road surface.
  • This pressure data, combined with precise location and timing information, is processed through the cloud-based TLEX platform.
  • Service providers use this dual-stream data to deliver tailored tyre pressure updates to drivers and fleet managers in real-time, ensuring optimal tyre condition and safety on the go.
  • Roadside displays also provide immediate feedback on tyre status, enabling on-the-spot adjustments.

Container goods flow enhancement:

  • Cameras at business park entries identify incoming containers by BIC codes.
  • The system aligns this data with multimodal transport facilities.
  • Licensed companies access this information, ensuring smooth and safe container unloading

Truck priority: Mirrors the logic of emergency vehicle and bicycle priority systems, with TLEX enabling customisable priority levels for different vehicle types to boost deployment efficiency.

[ 02 / Benefits ]

Driving benefits across the board for logistics

Benefits for tyre pressure monitoring

  • For Road Authorities: Enhanced safety and smoother traffic flow contribute to a more favourable regional business climate.
  • For Fleet Management System Developers: Integration with a central system offers a comprehensive data package, making tyre maintenance effortless and efficient.
  • For Logistics Companies: Significant savings on fuel and maintenance costs, alongside reduced risk of tyre-related incidents, mark a leap forward in operational efficiency.

Enhancing business park logistics:

  • Minimise unnecessary stops and optimise cargo handling.
  • Detailed cargo analysis facilitates planning and regulatory compliance.

Prioritising logistics fleets: Near business parks and logistics hubs to mitigate nuisances and emissions and enhance safety.

[ 03 / Effect ]

Enabling proactive decisions

Immediate tyre pressure insights allow drivers to prevent issues, reduce blowout risks, and promote safer, more efficient travel. This foresight protects vehicles and cargo, streamlining logistics operations.

Efficient tracking and tracing at business park entrances expedite access, minimise delays, and enhance cargo management.

Prioritising logistics fleets, especially near business hubs, curtails noise and emissions, bolstering overall safety.

[ 04 / Implementation ]

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Get more detailed information on how to get started with Tyre Pressure Monitoring from our Case Study.

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