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Priority for designated traffic at signalized intersections


Now you decide who gets traffic signal priority

With Monotch, traffic signal priority isn’t just a concept—it’s a customisable reality. You hold the power to determine who benefits from traffic signal priority. While public transport and emergency vehicles traditionally enjoyed this advantage, we’ve recognised the need for a more inclusive approach. Our solution embraces the complexity of modern transport dynamics, offering a unified system capable of supporting diverse transport needs. With Monotch, everyone can ride the green wave, making every journey smoother and swifter.

[ 01 / How ]

How traffic signal priority works

Here’s how we make magic happen at intersections: as vehicles approach, they send priority requests through their onboard units or apps. These requests are then channelled through our cutting-edge TLEX platform, which ensures each request is verified and accurately relayed to the traffic light controllers. The ultimate decision-making is done in the TLC controller application.
What sets us apart? Our system dynamically adjusts priority levels for different types of vehicles, times of the day and other dynamic factors, ensuring the most critical ones move first in any scenario.

[ 02 / Benefits ]

Benefits to traffic signal priority

  • There is a notable decrease in travel times by up to 10%,
  • Swift responses from emergency services, ensuring safety when it matters most,
  • An overall enhancement in road safety for all.

Our open-ecosystem approach streamlines traffic flow cost-effectively, outpacing traditional, limited systems. Monotch stands out by welcoming all transport modes under one sophisticated system.

[ 03 / Effect ]

What impact can you expect from traffic signal priority?

Empowering your policies with TLEX means more than just optimising traffic flow; it’s about sculpting the future of urban mobility. Tailor who gets priority, where, and why, using our insights to refine your strategies further. The impact? A smoother, safer, and smarter journey for everyone.

[ Results ]

Our implementations


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