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The enforcement organization of The Hague has its hands full with reducing the nuisance on and around the boulevard of Scheveningen. In one month, the hotline receives about a thousand reports about parking problems, traffic violations, noise nuisance and other undesirable behaviour as a result of drug use, especially nitrous oxide. In addition to deploying more enforcers, stricter parking policy and a special app with which residents can report nuisance, the municipality will also start a project to further develop visual detection of undesirable behaviour. In the project ‘Tackling nuisance narcotics in Scheveningen’, a smart AI-camera system from Avutec linked to the TLEX Cityhub platform from Monotch is used to detect overstay parking and other nuisance and to pass on reports to the enforcement organization. The data collected provides the municipality with real-time insights into where there is nuisance. This allows the municipality to act in a more targeted manner.

Location-oriented nuisance reports thanks to smart technology
Residents and entrepreneurs of Scheveningen are experiencing increasing nuisance from visitors. The municipality has therefore drawn up an action plan together with residents and entrepreneurs from the district. This plan contains many measures to tackle the nuisance. This concerns measures against, for example, parking nuisance, noise nuisance, street races, alcohol, nitrous oxide and drug use and litter. In order to reduce the nuisance and to be able to enforce it in a more targeted way, the municipality uses smart camera and data exchange technology.

The project ‘Tackling nuisance narcotics in Scheveningen’ is testing a smart AI-camera system from Avutec, a visual, intelligent sensor system that works on the basis of artificial intelligence and is linked to Monotch’s TLEX Cityhub platform. The collected data about undesirable behaviour goes straight to the enforcement organization of Scheveningen.

Among other things, the cameras will check for ‘overstay’ in parking zones of a maximum of 2 hours; whether vehicles (without permits) are present in a certain area for more than 2 hours. In addition, they are used to detect and report nuisance behaviour on the boulevard of Scheveningen. Think of noise pollution, vandalism, fights, leaving waste etc. Monotch’s TLEX Cityhub platform forms the central technology to which the cameras are connected. From this data hub, the Scheveningen enforcement organization receives real-time and location-oriented notifications if parking violations or undesirable behaviour are detected.

The sensor technology and the notifications via the Monotch platform are being implemented at the moment. The project not only tests the reliability of the technology behind the visual detection of undesirable behaviour, but also whether the notifications come through properly and whether the enforcement organization has been able to take targeted action based on the smart technology. Further research will also be conducted into whether the AI-camera data-hub link can even be used more widely. The Municipality of The Hague is hopeful that the data will contribute to a faster and more targeted intervention in the event of nuisance.

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