TLEX I2V platform

Improving traffic flow and road safety

The TLEX I2V platform is a highly scalable platform especially designed to connect roadside equipment to information brokers, automotive industry, road authorities and ultimately road users. All of this bi-directional, continuously, real-time and vendor independent. Already today TLEX connects all Dutch Smart traffic lights to road users and road authorities: informing road users, prioritize traffic and optimizing traffic flow with the first countrywide implementation worldwide. In addition, TLEX technology is also used in other European countries and often used in international C-ITS pilots and showcases.
Roadside equipment, information brokers and roadside authorities are securely connected to the TLEX in the cloud. For the convenience of connecting parties multiple interfacing technologies are in place.
Status and planning messages are exchanged bi-directional real-time in standardized message formats (ETSI). TLEX manages security, performance, timing context files (e.g. topology, ID’s). Management portals are available for administrative tasks. The platform can handle both European ETSI protocols and proprietary protocols. The software can be deployed as a service (SaaS) or installed on a hardware platform of your choice. In addition to unrivaled performance and scalability, the highest standards for security and privacy are applied.
Monotch has extensive experience as data broker in providing data flows by connecting traffic light controllers and other road-side equipment to service providers, automotive industry, road authorities, emergency services and ultimately road users.


All stakeholders in the eco system benefit from TLEX:
  • Enables the automotive industry to improve safety, driver experience and comfort for next generation car drivers and the next generation driverless cars;
  • Road authorities can improve traffic flow and implement and analyze traffic policies (e.g. priority for specific target groups) based on detailed real time traffic data without implementing expensive road side communication systems;
  • System integrators can leverage the data to develop innovative solutions.
Overall the efficiency will be increased for the entire mobility eco-system. Making mobility smarter, safer, cheaper and more sustainable.

Our Guarantees

Ready to use

72 hour onboarding process

Scalable near infinity

Multiple connection options

Multiple protocol options

Interfacing with major vendors

Always available

99,98% uptime guarantee

MTTR of less than 2 minutes

24x7 monitoring

DDoS attack protection

Escrow arrangements


ISO27001 certified

GDPR compliant

Secure software design

Layered authorization model

Monthly pentesting

For whom?

Branches that fit this platform

Road Authorities

Why work with Monotch? Monotch tlex platforms Monotch helps Road Authorities to achieve their smart mobility goals and to facilitate mobility demands. Urban and interurban areas will benefit from a better flow of all traffic. Better traffic flow has a beneficial effect on safety and emissions. Smart solutions at busy intersections (time-to-green information, prioritisation, green [...]

Cities / Regions

Why work with Monotch? Monotch tlex platforms Monotch helps Cities and Regions to achieve their smart mobility goals and to facilitate mobility demands. With the TLEX I2V Platform local and regional road authorities are able to improve traffic flow and implement and analyze traffic policies based on detailed realtime traffic data without implementing expensive road [...]

Service Providers

Why work with Monotch? Monotch tlex platforms Monotch helps Service Providers to facilitate customer demands, add services and improve revenue. The TLEX Parking Platform offers service providers the possibility to make parking garages / grounds bookable for consumers on a neutral platform with no IT, security or privacy hassle. This setup allows user-friendly reservations for [...]

Facts & figures

Numbers dont lie


parking locations


million ETSI messages/day




% TLEX uptime

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