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Piippukatu 11 , 40100 Jyväskylä, Finland
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Nodeon is a Finnish technology specialist with key expertise in smart traffic solutions and is especially active in the urban and inter-urban environment where it provides traffic flow solutions as well as traffic safety solutions. This varies from pre-designed ITS systems to system delivery and maintenance services including automation, electrical and telecommunication designing, system integration and software development. Its core expertise is the implementation of distributed data collection and device management solutions for infrastructure varying from sensor technologies, data collection and data communication solutions to industrial automation processes, as well as centralized data management systems and data analytics.

Nodeon is active in Finland and Sweden.

Partnership with Monotch

Monotch and Nodeon have signed a partnership agreement for the deployment of C-ITS in Finland of which Nodeon will be responsible for promoting, reselling, and deploying the TLEX I2V platform.

With this collaboration, both parties underline the importance of data exchange via V2X platforms which provides many benefits for the stakeholders in the C-ITS ecosystem. By teaming up for the Finnish market, Monotch and Nodeon are able to further promote the benefits of the TLEX I2V software platform, which is based on open European standards (ETSI, C-Roads, NordicWay, etc.) and to enhance it by incorporating new functionalities, payloads, and interfaces.

The partnership will offer Finnish road authorities excellent opportunities to adopt the V2X platform for the Finnish market and deploy the C-ITS services to their fullest potential. The C-ITS services being rolled out in Finland range from Traffic light priority, to Traffic light optimization, to Real-time information services for road users.

Monotch provides data flows via the TLEX platform by connecting traffic light controllers and other roadside equipment to service providers, the automotive industry, road authorities, emergency services and ultimately road users. This perfectly matches with Nodeon’s familiarity with the Finnish traffic sector; in-depth knowledge of technological traffic systems and extensive knowledge and experience of data communication. Nodeon’s overall design in smart traffic projects often includes the integration design of electrical, automation, data communication, tele and safety systems as well as lighting. The combined market-ready solutions will make a significant contribution to traffic flow optimization and real-time information to road users.

Both companies believe that collaboration is essential for the further rollout of C-ITS technology and C-ITS data exchange services in Finland.