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The Internet-of-Things (IoT) is making a mark in traffic and transport monitoring. Mobility Sensing is leading the way by developing, deploying and operating new generation IoT sensor networks. Our sensor networks are based on compact, fully autonomous, ultra-low-power IoT sensor pods, that are easy to install and budget friendly to operate. This allows us to deploy and operate high resolution sensor networks, producing rich live data on the state and usage of your complete transport network.

Partnership with Monotch

Monotch and Mobility Sensing share the vision that IoT technology has the potential to bring every street online. Ultra low power IoT sensing solutions can provide safety critical information to road users and operators. The StreetSense sensor pods of Mobility Sensing were designed to take every street online; monitoring driving conditions and counting traffic continuously.

MobilitySensing has adopted standardized TLEX interfacing and will use the TLEX platform to make skid hazard warnings available to road users. When a StreetSense pod detects that the road deck temperatures are dropping while the road surface is wet and not gritted, it will publish a skid hazard warning to the TLEX Cloud for this particular street. The TLEX Cloud will deliver the warnings to traffic information services and navigation solutions, allowing them to warn road users for dangerous driving conditions per section of their route. In cooperation with road operators, Monotch and Mobility Sensing intend to expand the information provided by streets to road users. E.g. by providing hyperlocal traffic information, warnings for stationary traffic, etc.

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