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Cycledata envisions that with global challenges such as material scarcity & urbanization, bicycles will have a greater role in our pursuit for long term sustainable mobility solutions.

Cycledata is the proud producer of ” Signum”. This product is a non-contact bicycle count measuring system that was developed in house by Cycledata in collaboration with internationally operating radar specialists. The system has an accuracy over 95% and also achieves high accuracy during peak hours.

Signum enables authorities to collect data on cycling behavior even during rush hours. These data provide valuable insights into the desired traffic flows, making it possible to make proper decisions about mobility policy, the system, and the infrastructure.

Integration with TLEX I2V

Valuable insights on cycling flow generated with Cycledata’s Signum, is being exploited by the Monotch’s smart mobility platform to control traffic lights and improve mobility and safety for the vulnerable road users.

Enriching Monotch’s smart mobility platform with cyclist data opens up a new world of optimizing real-time traffic situations for road users. Using the data from Cycledata, Monotch’s TLEX I2V platform connected to traffic lights can now give priority to bicycle platoons. This offers Cycledata customers the opportunity to act promptly, and to better attune the traffic lights to the bicycle flows and thus improve the flow of bicycle traffic.

“Thanks to the link with Monotch’s TLEX platform and the soon expanded successor UDAP, our customers can now also use the collected data to direct traffic flows. An important value addition to our Signum product and services towards municipalities and provinces. ” – Cees van der Zijl of Cycledata.