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Generally, one in three parkers search for information about parking before they travel. Via search engines, navigation and parking apps or municipality websites. In corona times and the new 1.5 m distancing economy, this number is even higher and parkers plan their journey even more carefully.

Growth in use ‘Prettig Parkeren’ sites
Parkers who want to have up-to-date parking information are increasingly consulting the Prettig Parkeren (pleasant parking) website or municipality parking sites that use the ‘Prettig Parkeren’ widget. Monotch developed this widget based on the need to keep cities liveable, more attractive and accessible. This not only gives municipalities a better insight into the parking registration data but also provides them the ability to monitor the occupancy in parking garages and on the street. And visitors and residents are able to see at a glance where there they can find available parking space. This way, search traffic in city centres can be significantly reduced.

Corona proof parking services
A number of Dutch cities have also supplemented the Prettig Parkeren widget with a Book & Park functionality. This way, parkers can immediately reserve and pay for a parking space via the municipality site. And that is great news in corona times, when parkers mainly want to pay safely and contactlessly.

Convenience for everyone
The aim of the ‘Prettig Parkeren’ site is to make parking information accessible and transparent to everyone. It also offers service providers the option of making parking garages or lots bookable on a neutral platform and the real-time parking information can easily be integrated into apps and services via an API.

Carefree parking
Analysing the data from the parking widget, we see a clear tendency for parkers to adjust their travel behaviour and opt for convenience and safety. For example, we see that people travel more consciously and plan their journey even more carefully than before. As a result, we see that the informative ‘Prettig Parkeren’ website including interactive maps is already being used more than before the corona crisis. We also see that the reservation of parking spaces continues to grow and that the number of reservations per month is already at the level of before corona.

More about the ‘Prettig Parkeren’ site, see here.

More about the Monotch TLEX Parking Platform see here.

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