Mobilidata launches Interchange

05 Jul 2022


Launching Interchange in Flanders

At Monotch, we are excited to announce the launch of Interchange, a pioneering initiative set to revolutionize the mobility landscape in Flanders. Our journey began with the ambitious goal of connecting intelligent traffic lights across the region through an advanced cloud platform. This innovative approach facilitated a seamless flow of communication between traffic infrastructure and road users. As we progressed into the second quarter of 2022, our focus expanded with the introduction of Interchange, a platform designed to foster a dynamic exchange of information among all mobility stakeholders.

Uniting Flanders through intelligent mobility

The Mobilidata program has a set of sharp mobility objectives: to improve traffic safety, flow, sustainability, and liveability for all road users in Flanders, regardless of their mode of transport. Mobilidata uses Monotch’s TLEX technology to bring together anonymous traffic data openly and in real-time in one place, making it accessible to stakeholders working to improve mobility.

Innovation at the core of communication

The traffic light cloud platform and the interchange platform lay the foundation for the standardised and quality data architecture, which allows the development of solutions that enable two-way communication between road users and the road infrastructure. Mobilidata realises this with public and private partners, of which Monotch is one. Together, the partners will open existing information silos and encourage cooperation between all actors within the mobility system in an environment which complies with privacy legislation.

Redefining data architecture in mobility

At Monotch, we envision a world where mobility is interconnected and accessible to all. The Interchange platform is a cornerstone of this vision, creating a seamless network that enhances the flow of data and information across the mobility spectrum. By facilitating efficient, real-time exchanges, we ensure that everyone, from individual commuters to large-scale traffic management systems, benefits from a unified and collaborative approach to transportation.

Setting a new global standard

The ambition of Monotch extends beyond mere innovation; we aim to establish a global benchmark with the Interchange platform. This state-of-the-art system revolutionises the management and governance of data, leading to significant advancements in efficiency and proactive information sharing. A key feature of the Interchange is its ability to support cross-border and intergovernmental data exchanges, guaranteeing uninterrupted service for road users across Europe and enhancing the overall travel experience.

Leading the change in Flanders

Monotch is proud to implement the Interchange on a grand scale in Flanders. This is not just an experimental project but a fully operational initiative that has a profound impact on the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) data exchange, including the management of traffic light controllers. Our commitment to innovation and practical application positions Flanders as a frontrunner in the global mobility revolution.

Both the traffic light cloud platform and the interchange used in the Mobilidata program were developed by Monotch. The rollout of the Mobilidata subproject, of which the delivery of the TLEX® and the Interchange is part, is being carried out by a consortium of companies led by our 

Shaping the future of mobility

As we forge ahead, Monotch remains dedicated to driving change within the realm of intelligent transportation. Our focus on road safety, traffic efficiency, and sustainability is unwavering. Through collaboration, ingenuity, and a deep understanding of road authorities’ needs, we are not just anticipating the future of mobility; we are actively shaping it. Join us on this exciting journey towards a safer, more efficient, and interconnected world of transportation.

About Mobilidata

Flanders’ public authorities agency launched the Mobilidata program for Roads and Traffic, the Department of Mobility and Public Works, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Agency, and the Department of Economy, Science, and Innovation. The strategic research centre imec coordinates the program and receives additional financial support from the European Union (Connecting Europe Facility, CEF).

Technology is the means used by Mobilidata to make traffic in Flanders safer, smoother, more sustainable, and more comfortable. Mobilidata gathers mobility information from road users, road infrastructure, vehicles, applications, and government systems, processes the data, and makes it available in real-time to all road users, regardless of their mode of transport. This allows road users to receive more personalised traffic information and warnings on their way. At intersections with intelligent traffic lights, traffic can be handled more dynamically based on the traffic present. The technological mobility solutions are implemented within the Mobilidata program in co-creation with companies with extensive traffic technology expertise.