Intercor: Pioneering the Future of Connected Transport

20 Feb 2020


A pivotal role for Monotch

Monotch plays a pivotal role in the Intercor project, setting a new standard for “Day-1” C-ITS services. By leveraging hybrid ITS technologies, including ETSI ITS-G5 and cellular networks, Monotch aligns with EU C-ITS platform recommendations. The project’s ambition is clear: ensure users seamlessly interact across borders, catalyse market growth for the large-scale deployment of these services, and foster an environment where products and services effortlessly interconnect.

Crafting the standards for tomorrow’s mobility

Intercor is at the forefront of C-ITS standards development and testing. With standards still evolving, the initiative emphasises the necessity of validating them through Testfests, securing widespread adoption. Brabant’s focus on the GLOSA standard and Hybrid data interface underscores the project’s commitment to innovation within the Intercor framework. Collaborating with SmartwayZ.NL partners, Brabant has made significant strides in standard development and is now moving towards crucial verification phases.

Monotch’s crucial contribution to connectivity

Within Intercor, Monotch is entrusted with delivering the SPAT and MAP cloud-operator service, adhering to the Intercor hybrid Interface IF2 and broker functionality. This highlights Monotch’s excellence in back-office services. A testament to its capabilities, Monotch facilitated data flow from intelligent traffic lights for the GLOSA test, enabling Ford test vehicles to access critical data through a seamless connection with traffic control systems.

About InterCor

InterCor (Interoperable Corridors) represents a collaborative European effort to link C-ITS corridor initiatives from the Netherlands, Germany, Austria (Netherlands-Germany-Austria Corridor), France (SCOOP@F project), the United Kingdom, and Belgium. This ambitious project aims to establish a sustainable network of C-ITS corridors. These corridors will ensure continuity and serve as a dynamic Testbed for developing Day-One C-ITS services and beyond, marking a significant leap towards a connected and intelligent transportation future.