Digitraffic Infrastuktur AB new Swedish Agent for Monotch

03 May 2022


A leap into the future

This collaboration, kicking off in May 2022, sees Swedish consultant Björn Selander steering Monotch’s expansion across Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Selander, the brain behind Digitraffic Infrastruktur AB, brings a wealth of experience from his time at the Swedish Transport Organisation and as a Senior Consultant, promising to greatly enhance our regional efforts.

“We are convinced that the TLEX® platform can benefit Scandinavian road authorities and potential partners outside the NordicWay3 project. I especially like working with Björn, who knows smart mobility, IT, and our platform,” shares Menno Malta, CEO of Monotch.

Björn Selander adds, “I am sure that the TLEX® platform, with its many proven use cases, will create safer, sustainable, and more efficient traffic in many urban areas in the Nordic countries.”

Revolutionising mobility in Sweden

The introduction of the TLEX® platform in the Nordics through the NordicWay3 programme in 2021 has been a game-changer. Monotch’s role as an implementer in the Swedish consortium is invaluable, bringing to the table our extensive C-ITS experience and innovative applications. We’re set to develop the Swedish interchange network further, actively participating in working groups such as the Exchange of Nodes and the Traffic Signals. Our goal? To leverage the insights gained from Dutch and international ITS projects like Talking Traffic, Intercor, and Concorda, enhancing the overall mobility landscape.

Through this collaboration, Monotch is not just part of the smart mobility evolution; we are at the forefront, driving change and connecting communities. Our journey is about making every journey safer, smarter, and more sustainable. Together, we make traffic talk.

About Digitraffic Infrastruktur

Founded in 2022 by entrepreneur Björn Selander, Digitraffic Infrastruktur is the Swedish answer to supporting the implementation of C-ITS platforms in the broad smart mobility ecosystem. With over two decades of experience in the (smart) mobility field, IT, and consultancy, Björn has the knowledge and connections to help the Swedish mobility industry reach the next level.