Data sharing platform NordicWay 3 goes live

19 Sep 2021


A scalable, secure, and interoperable C-ITS framework

Monotch proudly launched our advanced data-sharing node in July, seamlessly integrated with TLEX, marking a significant milestone in our journey.

This initiative is a testament to our commitment to transforming communication across vehicles, infrastructure, and network operators in the Nordic countries.


We’re crafting a scalable, secure, and interoperable C-ITS framework through strategic partnerships with public and private entities across Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Our aim? To significantly enhance traffic safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability by minimising CO2 emissions.

Innovative data sharing unleashed

The successful activation of our node data exchange platform for NordicWay 3 was a moment of pride and a step forward, aligning perfectly with our plans. Utilising Monotch’s TLEX, we’ve also introduced TLEX Interchange. This groundbreaking product not only streamlines data sharing across projects and stakeholders but also fosters connectivity with neighbouring countries through an innovative ‘Interchange’ network. This ensures data exchanges meet the rigorous C-Roads standards, enhancing our collaborative efforts with Norwegian road authorities towards shaping European C-ITS standards.

Advancing Swedish mobility projects

The launch of our data platform also kicked off the implementation of local C-ITS data exchange services for various Proof of Concepts and pilots in Sweden. Among these is the hybrid initiative in Gothenburg, which aims to optimise the exchange of information between traffic lights and vehicles. Monotch brings invaluable insights from international ITS projects to these pilots, contributing to developing flagship initiatives like Traffic Signal Priority and Roadwork Warnings in Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

Catering to the NordicWay 3 ecosystem

Our participation in NordicWay 3 underscores our dedication to enhancing the TLEX platform with new functionalities and features, ensuring it meets the evolving needs of the ecosystem. We focus on creating a functional, scalable, and sustainable exchange node network. “C-ITS and network management thrive on governance and standardisation,” says Gary Lin, International Business Developer at Monotch, highlighting our efforts to integrate C-Road standards into our TLEX platform for robust implementation.

Elevating data exchange in Scandinavia

Christian Berg emphasises Monotch’s role in developing a federated network of exchange nodes, enhancing the quality and scalability of data exchange among Scandinavian stakeholders. Our expertise is pivotal in advancing the deployment and operation of these nodes, solidifying our position as leaders in the realm of connected mobility.

By weaving together innovative solutions and collaborative efforts, Monotch is not just participating in NordicWay 3; we’re leading the way in shaping the future of mobility in Scandinavia and beyond, proving once again that we make traffic talk.