CONCORDA project

23 Oct 2020


Spearheading the advancement of autonomous driving

At Monotch, we’re spearheading the advancement of autonomous driving through our involvement in the Dutch CONCORDA project. Working alongside esteemed partners like FCA-CRF, NXP, and The Amsterdam Practical Trial, we’re setting new standards for automotive innovation.

Seamless integration for autonomous support

Our mission is clear: to enhance communication between test vehicles and road infrastructure. We’re streamlining data transmission across various traffic conditions using advanced hybrid communication techniques, including intelligent traffic lights and roadwork signs. This initiative is key to meeting the intricate demands of self-driving vehicles and ensuring their smooth and efficient operation.

Unmatched efficiency and security

Our efforts have led to the successful establishment of direct connections between roadside units and intelligent traffic controllers. Through the ETSI IF2 interface, we provide our partners, NXP and V-Tron, with essential data communication capabilities. This facilitates swift and secure exchanges, enhancing the safety and reliability of infrastructure-to-vehicle communications. Notably, our TLEX system introduces a transformative plug-and-play feature, granting quick and secure data access, significantly lowering latency and boosting security.

Real-world impact

The effectiveness of our technology was demonstrated during the initial CONCORDA tests in Amsterdam’s Metropolitan Region between September 2 and 6, 2019. These tests showcased our solutions’ potential and gathered vital data for ongoing development. We’re excited to extend these tests to critical locations, including highways A5 and A9 and the heart of Amsterdam, to further our insights and technological advancements.

Paving the way for Europe’s automated driving future

As a key player in the CONCORDA initiative, Monotch is committed to preparing Europe for the future of automated driving and truck platooning. Our focus on high-quality digital road infrastructure and smart vehicle technology is instrumental in advancing autonomous and connected driving. By conducting pilots across Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Spain, we enhance highway safety and transform urban and provincial roadways.