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Monotch’s partner network has been expanded with a new partner on July 1st, namely TriOpSys. Both Monotch and TriOpSys endorse the importance that smart mobility requires smart information exchange between road users, road authorities and service providers. Earlier this year, the Urban Data Access Platform (UDAP) was launched. This platform, developed by Monotch, ensures a quick, reliable and easy data exchange between the different parties. TriOpSys has an impressive track record when it comes to providing traffic management services to road authorities that monitor and guide traffic. With the announced collaboration TriOpSys and Monotch will join forces when it comes to guiding and unburdening road authorities, especially in the field of network security and facilitating a secure connection to UDAP.

UDAP service and link to road objects
The UDAP platform mainly focuses on receiving and quickly transmitting data for the smart control of roadside systems such as intelligent traffic control systems, bollards and barriers. But the platform offers many more options. For example, road authorities will be able to manage their own roadside systems and applications in the ‘SystemAdministration’ of UDAP and authorize others to do so. They can also make the desired traffic management decisions based on the data communication of the roadside systems connected to UDAP and give specific road users priority at traffic lights.

Secure network environment for data exchange
Monotch has found the perfect solution partner in TriOpSys to securely connect road authorities with the UDAP platform for the IT specialist has built up extensive knowledge as an expert in mission critical IT and mobility. UDAP is specially built to quickly and securely exchange large volumes of data. Safety and speed are a requirement, but also a major challenge. The rules for connecting to UDAP are therefore deliberately strict. Not every road authority can be connected to UDAP just like that. Continued extensive testing for compliance with quality requirements is an important measure to ensure data security. And TriOpSys can play an important role as a solution partner. The specialist knowledge and experience of TriOpSys in the field of business-critical systems fits seamlessly with Monotch’s requirements for connections with UDAP. As a partner, TriOpSys can guide road authorities step-by-step in connecting them to the UDAP SystemAdministration and ensure a secure connection.

Rolf Appel, Business Unit Manager Traffic Management at TriOpSys states that this partnership also guarantees that Monotch and TriOpSys will exchange valuable knowledge with each other so that TriOpSys customers will establish and maintain connections with UDAP efficiently and with good quality. “With our collaboration, we can both improve the service to road authorities and unburden them in this regard. In the coming years we will also look at where Monotch’s software and TriOpSys integration services can strengthen each other even more”.

Menno Malta, Director Smart Mobility at Monotch, is impressed by TriOpSys’ expertise and years of experience in network security. “This is a great way to connect our expertise and technology, and we also remain alert and keen on the quality requirements set by the Urban Data Access Platform”.

About TriOpSys
TriOpSys specializes in designing, building and managing mission critical IT systems, or business-critical software systems that should never fail. Examples are traffic and emergency centres (on land, at sea and in the air), message and command centres and control rooms. The TriOpSys team has extensive knowledge of control room systems, technical interfaces, software development, architectures and also has the necessary scrum/agile experience. The activities are divided into three domains, namely: traffic management, public safety & security and defense & space.

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