Additional TLEX I2V 2.0 “bits and pieces”
In addition to the surveyable dashboards and KPIs in the renewed user portal, the TLEX I2V platform also offers additional interfaces, can be adapted to various message types and has recently been expanded with standard-compliant messages such as ETSI messages and upcoming C-Roads standards.

TLEX I2V 2.0 offers additional interfaces that can be adapted to various message types and has standard-compliant messages such as:

  • AMQP1.0 available as an additional interface (in compliance with upcoming C-Roads standards);
  • Support additional message formats such as DATEXII;
  • Addition of new message types such as new types of ETSI messages.

This way the platform offers even more flexibility in messages, message types, and interfaces. Consequently, a multitude of use cases can be supported by the platform.

There are also additional options for configuring access to certain objects and data flows. Road authorities and other owners of roadside systems can now define their own access policies and link them to their systems. Through these policies, they can determine which parties have access to the data of their objects. This allows maximum control for object owners and road authorities.

In short, with the addition of these extra functionalities, the TLEX I2V platform gets a significant upgrade and is ready for the future.

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