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Central storage and management of topology documents

Topolex – Central storage and management of topology documents

As part of the Talking Traffic community, the Traffic Light Exchange Platform facilitates real-time messages from and to traffic lights. All new generation traffic lights, so-called intelligent Traffic Lights Controllers are connected to TLEX as a single national platform. But in order to be able to interpret the data of each traffic light, this requires a detailed description of the topology of intersection on which the traffic light is located, so-called MAP topology (MAP is an international ETSI standard). Since these MAP topologies are used by companies and road authorities throughout the Talking Traffic value chain, a central storage was needed.

Commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Monotch has built this central storage for all topologies, Topolex. The process of naming, uploading, validating, viewing and downloading topology documents is managed on this platform. Moreover, via Topolex everyone who has an interest can access all topology- and supporting documents. Topolex has also a fully automatic connection with TLEX.

Marcel Westerman from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management values working with Monotch since they have proven to be capable of executing innovative projects like TLEX. “Because of Monotch’s high standards, we were able to set tough SLAs’ on accuracy, reliability and latency. Monotch independently aims for coordination between involved parties in order to get mutual agreement on common issues. Monotch has met all demands and has proven that they can create very good products and services. The user-manuals for Topolex and the planned web application make Topolex easy accessible for all kinds of users.

I would definitely recommend Monotch to parties with innovative projects in smart mobility. It is hard to fully define innovative projects up front and in an innovative project like this, you need partners that are willing and able to be flexible at all times. Monotch is very flexible and thinks in solutions.

TLEX I2V Platform

A highly scalable platform designed for multi-vendor environments in which large numbers of devices and/or sensors exchange real-time data. In addition to unrivalled performance and scalability, the highest standards for security and privacy are the most important features.