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Ease2pay Parking App

Dutch parking data available via one ready-to-use and easily integrated API

Looking for a parking meter after parking is a thing of the past. With various parking apps, consumers can pay for the parking space directly from a smartphone. No parking ticket on your dashboard but simply pay afterwards.

Ease2pay is a disruptive payment service provider that wants to make mobile payments simple and available to everyone. Cheaper for consumers and retailers, as the smartphone replaces the old pin terminal and cash registers. With the Ease2pay app, consumers can order, pay and save in one go. No transaction costs, no expensive reminders and add free license plates.

Monotch makes all Dutch parking data available via one ready-to-use and easily integrated API. As a result, Ease2pay has national coverage and consumers can park on-street in 140 cities and pay afterwards.

TLEX Parking Platform

A platform for municipalities and parking resource providers to make their parking garages / grounds bookable for consumers. Both through authorized service providers and their own website with user-friendly reservations for consumers via various mobility apps.

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