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Parking reservation platform to reduce search traffic in Rotterdam

Making better use of parking garages and reducing search traffic and on-street parking was the goal of the parking reservation platform that Monotch developed for the municipality of Rotterdam. The platform connects parking facilities of parking providers and makes it possible to resell parking spaces through service providers and to offer reservations and bookings via apps and websites. Visitors and residents of Rotterdam also benefit for they can see at a glance where there are available parking space. On-street, in garages and on parking lots, connection options to public transport, valet parking facilities, and they can also see corresponding parking rates and (walking) distances to their destination. Immediate reserve and pay options for a parking space is also possible. With the parking reservation platform, search traffic in the city centre can be considerably reduced.

Book & Park Monotch
The municipality of Rotterdam offers the “Prettig Parkeren widget (Comfortable Parking widget) with Book & Park functionality” via the municipal website. The widget was developed based on the need to keep the city liveable, attractive and accessible. In addition, the widget gives the municipality insight into the registration data and it is possible to monitor how busy it is in the parking garages and on-street.

Hans van Raak, Product Manager Municipality of Rotterdam: “The main purpose of the reservation platform is to allow visitors to Rotterdam to park more in the city garages and thus to reduce street parking. Monotch has developed a user-friendly platform for this and we can determine with satisfaction that the platform is already being used frequently. It was important for us to limit the management costs and we are already experiencing positive effects in that area. For the future, the platform offers even more functionalities with the necessary potential for extra added value for the Municipality of Rotterdam.”

More convenience for service providers
In addition to the use of the parking reservation platform by municipalities and cities, market parties (private parking providers), service providers and final destinations can also benefit from the Monotch parking platform. Service providers can use the Car Parking API, which enables their customers to find the best parking space. Parking information as an API can easily be integrated into a product or service while users are assured of the most correct and current parking information in the Netherlands and Belgium.

TLEX Parking Platform

A platform for municipalities and parking resource providers to make their parking garages / grounds bookable for consumers. Both through authorized service providers and their own website with user-friendly reservations for consumers via various mobility apps.