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Mobility data for Innovactory’s TimesUpp

Mobility data for Innovactory's TimesUpp travel assistant via API platform Monotch

Travellers who are well informed, travel smarter. That is the starting point of Innovactory. With smart mobility solutions for individual travellers, they can be supported during their daily commute, regular appointments and trips to every destination. With the TimesUpp travel assistant, the user has access to his agenda and his current location. The app then determines travel intentions by combining and linking the agenda data, travel patterns and expected behaviour. This way, the traveller proactively receives a signal when he has to leave and what the fastest route is. Whether he goes by car, public transport, bicycle or on foot. ”

Added value for information sources app with Monotch API platform
“To offer added value with TimesUpp, we really needed good information sources that are reliable,” according to Maurice Mulders, COO Innovactory. The format of the information that such a source offers must fit perfectly. That is why you need a good API. We were also looking for a solution in which we would not spend too much time solving data issues and constantly checking whether the information is still up-to-date. Via the mobility network we came in contact with Monotch, a start-up that makes mobility data accessible via a central API platform. This platform offers a wide range of public and private APIs in the field of mobility, such as travel information (trip planning NL/EU), location and road information (geo-coding), fuel information, parking data, data on charging points and so on. That was exactly what we were looking for. ”

“The Monotch platform offers an overview of European data sources and guarantees the accuracy, topicality and availability of the data that we use. They have direct contact with the data producers themselves, so we do not have to invest time and energy in it. Reliability is also very good: they host the APIs on a high availability platform spread across multiple state of the art (Dutch) data centres. They could answer all the wishes we had in advance. Moreover, they have a special cloud for developers. ”

“The concept of Monotch: everything in a central location, enables us to have one data supplier and combining data becomes very easy, fits our way of working. We must respond efficiently to the market and focus on providing optimum service to our customers. Moreover, we enjoy a flexible subscription form and find the plug and play API platform very accessible ”.

TLEX Parking Platform

A platform for municipalities and parking resource providers to make their parking garages / grounds bookable for consumers. Both through authorized service providers and their own website with user-friendly reservations for consumers via various mobility apps.