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Monotch operator cloud data in Intercor project

The Intercor project aims to demonstrate and evaluate “Day-1” C-ITS services. These services will be deployed using hybrid ITS technologies including ETSI ITS-G5 and cellular mobile telecom networks as recommended by the EU C-ITS platform. To promote market development that should lead to the large-scale rollout of such services, user interoperability must be ensured across national and international borders. And for products and services that are interchangeable.

Intercor has agreed on and developed various standards, but because they are still being developed, there is a need for verification of these standards in so-called Testfests and obtaining support for applying these standards. Pilots in Brabant are committed to the GLOSA (Green Light Optimal Speed ​​Advice) standard and the Hybrid data interface standard within Intercor. Meanwhile, Brabant has delivered standards together with other partners in SmartwayZ.NL, but the verification step must now be taken.

Monotch is one of the Intercor partners and responsible for the SPAT and MAP cloud-operator service and provides back office services in accordance with the Intercor hybrid Interface IF2 and broker functionality.

For the GLOSA test at the end of January, Monotch successfully provided the interface to unlock the data from the intelligent traffic lights. For example, Monotch made data communication available via an IF2 interface for Ford test vehicles based on a link with the traffic control systems.

About Intercor
InterCor (Interoperable Corridors) is a European project which aims to connect the C-ITS corridor initiatives of the Netherlands C-ITS Corridor (Netherlands-Germany-Austria), the French corridor defined in the SCOOP@F project, and the United Kingdom and Belgian C-ITS initiatives.

The InterCor project plans to achieve a sustainable network of C-ITS corridors providing continuity and serving as a TestBed for Day-One C-ITS service development and beyond.

TLEX I2V Platform

A highly scalable platform designed for multi-vendor environments in which large numbers of devices and/or sensors exchange real-time data. In addition to unrivalled performance and scalability, the highest standards for security and privacy are the most important features.