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Better control of the parking chain in Leiden

Leiden is an old city that is not built and designed for large traffic flows. There is nevertheless sufficient parking capacity available in the city for visitors and residents, namely in parking garages. But the occupancy rate of these garages could be much better. With the help of the Monotch reservation platform, parkers can now see at a glance where there is available parking space. In garages, on the street and any valet parking facilities, and they can also view the corresponding parking rate and the (walking) distance to their destination. They can also immediately reserve and pay for a parking space. Companies can also reserve parking spaces in garages via the platform. The platform uses dynamic parking pricing so that visitors can reserve a spot in a municipal parking garage in advance at more attractive parking rates.

With the parking reservation platform, search traffic in Leiden can be considerably reduced. With this, Leiden maintains better control over the parking chain in order to be able to control parking behaviour of visitors, commuters and residents and to make better use of the available parking spaces in the Lammermarkt, Morspoort and Haarlemmerstraat parking garages.

To realize these mobility challenges, Monotch created a user-friendly booking platform for Leiden with functionalities such as:

  • display of the available parking spaces in the parking garages owned by the municipality of Leiden;
  • Reserving parking spaces in the municipal parking garages, either via the municipal website or via an app;
  • display of dynamic parking charges for the parking garages;
  • possibility of adjusting rates in the garages and on the street via real-time occupancy figures;
  • possibility for combination offers during events. Based on a real-time link with the parking management systems of the garages;
  • making public parking facilities accessible to companies on the basis of a reservation;
  • possibility of paying directly for the reserved parking space.

The parking portal is now live and provides a clear overview of the available parking spaces, the rates and also has a reservation and payment option.

TLEX Parking Platform

A platform for municipalities and parking resource providers to make their parking garages / grounds bookable for consumers. Both through authorized service providers and their own website with user-friendly reservations for consumers via various mobility apps.