Urban Data Access Platform (UDAP)

The Netherlands realised that working in silos, lacking progress, and not solving the primary safety and sustainability challenges in mobility needed to change. The Dutch connected different actors in the smart mobility ecosystem to one platform to get a real revolution in the industry.

With the launch of UDAP (Urban Data Access Platform), the connection between all actors in the mobility ecosystem is now a reality.  The core of UDAP is the TLEX® (Traffic Live Exchange) system that makes the Dutch platform the first nationwide Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS) system in the world, which:

  • Allows for bi-directional, continuous and real-time data exchange
  • Is vendor-independent
  • Can use existing infrastructure equipment without significant investments
  • Keeps control with the local (city and road) authorities
  • Is based on industry-standard formats for data transfer
  • Is extremely scalable
  • Ensures parties can rely on data quality and standardisation

Real-life experiences in the UDAP environment have shown that smart mobility significantly improves urban area traffic flows. Already today, 25% of Dutch drivers interact with the platform through smartphone apps or in-car devices. Over 30% of signalised intersections and over 60% of ambulances are connected.

Most importantly, Dutch infrastructure is future-proof and now supports safer, smarter, more efficient and more sustainable mobility.