The TLEX Parking Platform offers municipalities and parking providers the possibility to make their parking garages / grounds bookable for consumers. Both through authorized service providers and their own website. This setup allows user-friendly reservations for consumers via their favourite mobility apps. Simultaneously making public space available for more important matters as soccer!




Parking-providers connect their off street parking facilities to the TPP. Once they allow the connected service-providers to resell their parking places the service-providers can offer reservations and booking to their consumers in their apps or websites. And in doing so proving certainty and/or reduced pricing to consumers. Customers can enter the parking facilities based on license-plate or barcode -scanning. On leaving the facilities actual costs are collected by the service providers and, minus their fee, transferred to the parking-provider.

The TPP provides parking-providers with dynamic pricing algorithms, linking pricing to occupancy and target groups (e.g. permit holders, visitor groups). Management portals are readily available for both parking-providers and service-providers.


The Talking Parking Platform is of benefit for all stakeholders in the parking eco-system:

  • Enables cities to reduce search traffic, direct cars from on-street - to off street parking and optimize parking tariffs;
  • Support commercial parking-providers in optimizing parking tariffs and attract more customers through collaboration with service providers and key destinations;
  • Provides service-providers with additional revenue streams on top of existing services (parking/last mile transportation).

Overall the efficiency will be increased for the entire parking eco-system. Making mobility smarter, safer, cheaper and more sustainable.


 Platform characteristics

  • Open for all service providers and parking providers
  • Dynamic pricing: using dynamic pricing in combination with reservations parking-providers can optimize their occupancy and cities can reduce number of on-street parked cars

  • Scale-up opportunities for the last mile: PRP is developed to facilitate other resources as bikes, last mile Electric Vehicles.

  • Guaranteed uptime and continuity

  • GDPR compliant 

  • Management and support portals readily available

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