Considering the growth of our business Monotch has decided to found a development office in The Wonder of Asia, Sri Lanka. The decision to settle in Sri Lanka wasn’t taken lightly. Besides practical matters as time difference and costs we looked mainly at the availability of talent and cultural fit.

On July 1, went live, the free interactive parking map (website and widget) where all parking options and parking rates are displayed nationwide for all Belgian cities. 


Every month one of our experts unburdens his mind on a subject dear to the heart. We ask them to be bold and frank in these blogs. We don’t expect everyone to agree but at the minimum these blogs will give you fuel for a good debate at the coffee counter…

This month Menno Malta shares his thoughts on GLOSA roaming.

Interesting news from the US this week. General Motors is to introduce vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications – while extending a semi-autonomous, hands-free driver assistance feature - in its Cadillac range.