With the start of 2019 many cities and parking providers not only changed their tariffs but also took the opportunity to change their pricing time schemes and/or geographical zones.

The Monotch team worked hard to collect, digest, check and integrate all the changes timely. During this process we worked closely with the cities in Netherland and we thank them for their support. All in all we were again able to maintain the highest standards in quality. With the collected, enriched and combined data sources we feed our products and APIs, so people can travel more efficiently from A to B.

This year, the city of Amsterdam has decided to the highest increase.  In the Center the rates go to 7.50 euros per hour, in the ring around it motorists have to pay 6 euros per hour. The rates are also rising in districts with less parking pressure. With the money (around 33 million) the city wants to invest extra in public transport, bicycle connections and clean air.