Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) use innovative technologies that enable vehicles to communicate with other vehicles, with traffic lights and roadside infrastructure, and with other road users. This takes place on the basis of real-time data exchange. C-ITS offers many possibilities to improve road safety and the efficiency of road transport.


With this C-ITS demo we do not show a test setup, but the entire transport chain of the Traffic Live Exchange platform (TLEX) on public roads. The TLEX platform from Monotch, gathers large amounts of data from traffic lights, which are sent to the cloud at lightning speed. Service providers can use this cloud data to provide road users with customized information while traveling. Both roadside systems from Dynniq, Swarco, SmartwayZ.NL and the province of Noord-Holland and applications from service providers Dynniq and V-tron are connected to the TLEX platform.


This is unique in Europe because the Netherlands is the only country that already has a nationwide C-ITS ecosystem. With this first nation-wide C-ITS implementation, road users will be informed, priority can be given to specific traffic groups and traffic flows will be optimized.


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