BOM Brabant Ventures is investing in the international growth of Monotch, the Brabant developer of smart mobility solutions that was recently honored at the Automotive Innovation Awards.

Monotch, which is headquartered in Made, Brabant, is using the Traffic Live Exchange (TLEX) platform that it created to provide mobility data to service providers, app designers, governments, and the traffic industry. The data can be used for many purposes, including the accelerated launch of route optimization apps.

“Our dream is to link together road users and traffic control systems,” says Monotch’s Menno Malta. “But that requires patience. Right now, our system is even smarter than the roadside installations, but we hope to change that within the next three years. After that, we envisage linking up in the cities and then, within the space of five years, across the entire Netherlands. But our ambition stretches much further, and we intend to cross international borders. It really is great that BOM Brabant Ventures and a number of informal investors have voiced their confidence in our plans.”

“TLEX has the potential to dramatically improve throughflow on our roads, which are becoming increasingly jampacked,” says BOM Brabant Ventures’ Investment Manager Bart Mul. “The platform means that cities will consequently become more accessible and CO2 emissions will be reduced. Monotch grew at an extraordinary pace in the wake of our 2017 seed investment, and we are happy to now have the opportunity to contribute to the company’s international growth.”

About Monotch

Monotch focuses on smart, secure, and sustainable mobility in Europe by connecting data, services, and transactions. To achieve this, the company develops and realizes Smart Mobility Platforms. Monotch has a great deal of experience in unlocking mobility data such as traffic data, information, parking data, and real-time communication with traffic control systems, and sharing it with service providers, app developers, governments, and the traffic industry.

About BOM Brabant Ventures

BOM (the Brabant Development Agency) works together with entrepreneurs to create a strong, sustainable, and future-proof Brabant economy. BOM uses the Brabant Ventures label to focus, using knowledge and capital, on the accelerated and future-proof growth of ambitious Brabant startups and scaleups in the high-tech systems and software, agri-food, life sciences & health, maintenance, supply chain, and bio-based economy top industries.

More information:

Name: Menno Malta
Role: CEO
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