The Dutch government encourages projects to ensure that in-car sensors and everything around them speak the same language for this makes traffic safer and keeps cities accessible. Road users and ‘roadside equipment’ are becoming more and more connected. The same goes for bikes, scooters and motorbikes. Public transport and available sharing vehicles are also visualized. By mapping all of that in the same map, you can streamline the entire mobility eco system. Newcomers to the mobility field also come into the picture in those new applications. With main roles: software, data communication and the smart gathering and utilization of all that information.

The usage of the Monotch free parking advice website continues to grow every month. The website has become the preferred choice of consumers in order to get reliable parking advice, including tariffs and availability. 

At the ITS European Congress Brainport 2019 early June Monotch was the driving force behind many of congress activities.

Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) use innovative technologies that enable vehicles to communicate with other vehicles, with traffic lights and roadside infrastructure, and with other road users. This takes place on the basis of real-time data exchange. C-ITS offers many possibilities to improve road safety and the efficiency of road transport.