The TLEX platform provides the connection between all smart traffic light controllers [iTLCs] and road users in the Netherlands. Data is exchanged based on the European ETSI-standards and the major intelligent traffic light controller systems have a link with TLEX. The real-time exchange of messages between traffic light controllers makes it possible to offer road users green light optimized speed advice (GLOSA) and to prioritize specific types of traffic, e.g. emergency services, cyclists or ‘green’ traffic. 


Use cases 



These use cases can now be integrated by all market parties into their applications and/or their vehicle systems and other systems. Both road authorities and private parties have agreed to a set of standards and protocols, both on technical matters and on security and privacy. Less ‘greenfield’ but equally important is the secure setup of all network connections in the project, both with road regulators and information brokers. Now these crucial conditions for further scale-up have been dealt with and with TLC upgrades/replacement well along the way, we expect to see the number of connected TLC’s grow rapidly in the near future to 20%-30% of all TLC’s towards the end of 2020.

 All of this makes The Netherlands truly the first country worldwide with a national platform for the exchange of real time road side (equipment) data. The clear aim is to make traffic safer and more sustainable keeping a keen eye on the future of autonomous driving.


Watch the TLEX video for a tongue in cheek impression of the possibilities



Talking Traffic

The realization of TLEX arose as a cooperative project between Monotch and Swarco, as part of the Partnership Talking Traffic. The Partnership Talking Traffic is an alliance between the Dutch ministry of Infrastructure and Waterworks, 60 regional and local governments and twenty national and international companies. More information on Talking Traffic can be found at

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