As part of the community Talking Traffic, the Traffic Light Exchange Platform (TLEX) facilitates real-time messages from and to traffic lights. All new generation traffic lights, so-called intelligent Traffic Lights (iVRI’s, intelligente verkeersregelinstallaties) are connected to TLEX as a single national platform.

The aim of this project is to develop an automated data platform for Belgium in which real-time all relevant parking in Belgium can be visualized for the end-users and used as a marketing tool by Yellowbrick, municipalities and other partners on their site.

“By using the Car Parking Netherlands API we can offer our members a complete and detailed parking advice using one API.”

The TLEX platform provides the connection between all smart traffic light controllers [iTLCs] and road users in the Netherlands. Data is exchanged based on the European ETSI-standards and the major intelligent traffic light controller systems have a link with TLEX. The real-time exchange of messages between traffic light controllers makes it possible to offer road users green light optimized speed advice (GLOSA) and to prioritize specific types of traffic, e.g. emergency services, cyclists or ‘green’ traffic.