In today’s world it’s all about timing. We know this. That’s why we guarantee that you will be up and running on our platforms within 72 hours. Whether you want your road side equipment connected, your parking garage bookable or access to mobility data. It’s all there waiting for you.
Everybody knows today’s world is 24x7. So uptime is important. But for us it’s much more than that. We design for uptime, we organize for uptime and we recruit for uptime. That’s why we can guarantee 99,98% uptime for ALL our platforms. And of course our service team is 24x7 available for you.


Our standard is Zero: zero security leaks, zero privacy incidents, zero precautions not taken because we were too busy with other stuff…..  Of course we are aware this is a challenge. But we embrace challenges and can proudly say we are at level Zero.