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Daalakkersweg 2-58 , 5641 JA Eindhoven, Nederlands
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ViNotion is a specialist in the field of video content analysis. Using innovative techniques such as Machine- and Deep Learning, ViNotion creates products that are able to automatically detect and classify traffic participants in real-time.

Our products are able to learn and model specific objects from photo- and video examples. This technology is used in our smart surveillance systems, which are focused on the following applications:

Analysis of crowds, pedestrians and cyclists; ViSense CrowdDynamics;
Traffic surveillance and control; ViSense TrafficDynamics;
Mobility research and urban traffic statistics; ViSense UrbanDynamics;

Our software solutions generate detailed mobility data from video images, enabling our customers to optimize traffic situations. Our product range gives insight in the dynamic nature of traffic, such as the number of traffic participants, their movement speed, GPS position, traversed paths, crowd density, congestion information and much more.

Partnership with Monotch

ViNotion is one of our valued Vendor Partners that have interfaced their products with TLEX I2V to deliver innovative C-ITS use cases & solutions.

ViNotion’s ViSense TrafficDynamics generates highly versatile information on traffic participants including pedestrians and bicycles and are shared onto TLEX I2V as a data stream to control traffic lights and improve mobility and safety for vulnerable road users.

Enriching the TLEX I2V platform with ViSense data opens a new world of possibilities for optimizing real-time traffic situations. Using a single sensor for more information about all traffic participants improves traffic control and reduces costs.

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