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Van Deventerlaan 20 , 3528 AE Utrecht, Nederlands
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MAPtm is a service provider in the domain of traffic management. Apart from traditional traffic management, MAPtm explores new innovative services based on data analytics, social media, mobility as a service, C-ITS and CCAM (Cooperative Connected Automated Mobility). MAPtm operates as an independent partner and an intermediary for and between road authorities, national and local governments, municipalities and private organizations like data and technology service providers, as well as construction companies and mobility service providers. MAPtm is active on the complete chain of traffic management from the design phase  including development of new smart algorithms up to the exploitation and operation. MAPtm has implemented its own traffic control centre from where traffic management system and services from different public and private road operators are monitored and operated.

Partnership with Monotch

MAPtm is one of our valued Solution Partners that utilize the data connection to TLEX I2V to deliver innovative use cases & solutions.

MAPtm helps road authorities to gain insights from the TLEX data on use-case impact and traffic flow. Examples of the cooperation between MAPtm & Monotch include:

  • UDAP
    • MAPtm assists Monotch in creating the use-case KPIs used for C-ITS services quality monitoring on the UDAP platform and also provides support on questions related to these KPIs.
  • Slim Sturen – SmartWayZ.
    • In this project, MAPtm converts situational events from operational traffic management into messages and shares them via Monotch’s smart mobility platform to service providers for them to inform their users of traffic conditions.