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Marineterrein Amsterdam Kattenburgerstraat 5 gebouw 003 C , 1018 JA Amsterdam, Nederlands
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Locatienet is known to the public in the Netherlands from Routenet.nl, the well-known online route planner for many years. Our core business is providing geographic services of which Routenet is an example. In addition to the 2 million unique visitors per month to Routenet.nl, our business customers use our web services which are integrated into their own systems.

Partnership with Monotch

Locatienet is one of our valued Solution Partners that utilize the data connection to TLEX I2V to deliver innovative use cases & solutions.

Locatienet converts data on the TLEX I2V platform into valuable information for road users via their back-office platform and their applications. Drivers can use their favourite navigation app (with Locatienet plug-ins) and still receive the best traffic information such as current traffic jam and accident reports, speed limits and recommendations, and information from intelligent traffic lights from TLEX I2V.

Together with road authorities, Locatienet also develops cycling apps that automatically request priority from intelligent traffic lights, among other things. Anonymous status data from Locatienet services are also returned to TLEX I2V for further processing.

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