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Data is becoming increasingly important in our society and economy. However, the supply chain sector still has to take steps when it comes to utilizing all available data. Valuable information only arises when we process, relate and analyze the data. New insights emerge by exposing trends, patterns and mutual relationships in data.

Under the name DALI, (Data Science for Logistics Innovation), concrete applications of data science in the supply chain are realized on the basis of business cases. DALI is a testing ground for datafication in the logistics sector of the southern Netherlands to a higher level and thus making the sector future-proof. DALI is committed to develop knowledge-intensive logistics (smart logistics): devising, developing, demonstrating and applying new logistics methods. All with the aim of higher added value, more efficient handling of goods flows and maintaining our international market position.

18 companies, including Monotch, are participating in the DALI testing ground with their own business case. The business cases show that the supply chain offers a lot of potential to use data. The translation to information provides cost benefits, more turnover and optimal use of people and resources. Not only for the partners in the DALI project but also for the business community and knowledge institutions that are not part of this project.

Unlocking and using data must result in strategic insight, demand prediction and planning input. In other words, a gold mine of logistics data that can be mined together with the DALI partners.

Using TLEX data from roadside systems and traffic lights for the logistics sector
The aim of the cooperation project within DALI with, among others, the port company and the province of Noord-Brabant, is the further development of Monotch’s data technology. In DALI Monotch strives for an automated data platform on which real-time data from relevant sensors and sources such as cameras, entrance gates and traffic lights will be made available nationally to end users such as drivers and can be used for customers of the port authority.

DALI background
In the DALI (Data Science for Logistics Innovation) project, work is being carried out on the development of generic instruments for knowledge institutions and the field of work, based on 18 business cases over the next 3 years. This is done with the aim of accelerating and strengthening the supply chain data fixing for the south of the Netherlands. The project is partly financed by a contribution from the European Regional Development Fund in the context of OPZuid and by a contribution from the Region Deal in Central and West Brabant.

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