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Renewed ANWB Onderweg App provides travellers with pre-trip parking advice

The ANWB Onderweg App offers everything you need on the road, ranging from current traffic information, ANWB Traffic Jam Alert in case of delays on saved routes, a reliable route planner, to parking advice (rates and locations) and paying parking fees throughout the Netherlands. The app has recently been updated and expanded with a number of useful options. Determining the best parking space in advance is one of the new functionalities of the app. Via the integrated Parking API of Monotch, detailed and up-to-date parking data from all over the Netherlands becomes visible.

Parking advice at home on the couch
After a major update of the ANWB Onderweg App, according to Mark de Bruin – Strategic Marketeer at ANWB, you can now get pre-trip parking advice about the best available parking space at the destination where you are or want to be later. Users of the app can now enter their destination and expected arrival day + time at home and then receive a total overview of parking rates, street parking, garages & parking areas, P + R options and bookable parking spaces around the destination. And if you can park for free within walking distance of the destination, the app will also report this. In this way, travellers are optimally prepared for the road and search traffic in the city centre is limited.

Based on its goals, mission and vision, the ANWB operates at the interface of mobility, vacation and leisure and therefore offers a wide range of activities in the sphere of influencing, products and services, information and advice. For the parking data throughout the Netherlands, ANWB has chosen to make it accessible via a Monotch API. Via the ‘Car Parking Netherlands API’, Monotch provides parking data, locations, rates, current occupancy, zone codes and various reservation options. This allows users of the ANWB Onderweg App to make a good choice where they want to park their car.

The complete and detailed parking advice, the good preparations and a suitable offer have ensured that both parties are in good spirits to put a convenient but above all successful solution on the market.

We are proud to be able to contribute to the success of the ANWB Onderweg App.

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Parkers adjust travel behaviour during corona crisis

Generally, one in three parkers search for information about parking before they travel. Via search engines, navigation and parking apps or municipality websites. In corona times and the new 1.5 m distancing economy, this number is even higher and parkers plan their journey even more carefully.

Growth in use ‘Prettig Parkeren’ sites
Parkers who want to have up-to-date parking information are increasingly consulting the Prettig Parkeren (pleasant parking) website or municipality parking sites that use the ‘Prettig Parkeren’ widget. Monotch developed this widget based on the need to keep cities liveable, more attractive and accessible. This not only gives municipalities a better insight into the parking registration data but also provides them the ability to monitor the occupancy in parking garages and on the street. And visitors and residents are able to see at a glance where there they can find available parking space. This way, search traffic in city centres can be significantly reduced.

Corona proof parking services
A number of Dutch cities have also supplemented the Prettig Parkeren widget with a Book & Park functionality. This way, parkers can immediately reserve and pay for a parking space via the municipality site. And that is great news in corona times, when parkers mainly want to pay safely and contactlessly.

Convenience for everyone
The aim of the ‘Prettig Parkeren’ site is to make parking information accessible and transparent to everyone. It also offers service providers the option of making parking garages or lots bookable on a neutral platform and the real-time parking information can easily be integrated into apps and services via an API.

Carefree parking
Analysing the data from the parking widget, we see a clear tendency for parkers to adjust their travel behaviour and opt for convenience and safety. For example, we see that people travel more consciously and plan their journey even more carefully than before. As a result, we see that the informative ‘Prettig Parkeren’ website including interactive maps is already being used more than before the corona crisis. We also see that the reservation of parking spaces continues to grow and that the number of reservations per month is already at the level of before corona.

More about the ‘Prettig Parkeren’ site, see here.

More about the Monotch TLEX Parking Platform see here.

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Parkeerders passen reisgedrag aan tijdens coronacrisis
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City of Breda ready for corona-proof parking services

Making better use of parking garages and reducing search traffic and on-street parking – that was the goal of the parking reservation platform that Monotch developed for the City of Breda. The platform, which has been live since the beginning of April, connects municipal parking facilities and makes it possible to resell parking spaces via apps from service providers. Visitors and residents of Breda also benefit from this, for they are able to see at a glance where to find available parking spaces. Immediately reserving and paying for a parking space is also possible. This can significantly reduce search traffic in the city centre of Breda. The Monotch parking platform is already operational throughout the Netherlands, making it easy for other municipalities to follow.

Additional benefits
An additional advantage in this corona-time is that by using this platform municipalities and parking providers will gain better insight into when consumers visit parking locations. And also for consumers, for they no longer have to go to the payment terminal and therefore no long queues will arise. In light of the 1.5-metre economy, this is a pleasant tool for the operation of the parking location.

Book & Park Monotch
The Monotch Book & Park functionality is operational in Rotterdam, Tiel, Delft and Leiden. Breda is the 5th city in the Netherlands that uses the platform. Via the municipal website, the municipality offers the “Pleasant Parking widget with Book & Park functionality”. This widget is especially developed based on the need to keep cities liveable, more attractive and accessible. The widget also provides the municipality with insight into the registration data and it is possible to monitor how busy it is in the parking garages and on-street. For the future, the platform offers various additional functionalities with added value for the Municipality of Breda and visitors to the city centre.

Want to see how it works in Breda? Then, please check out the Breda parking site here.


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Parking during Covid -19

Now that car traffic towards the city is increasing again, it is good to assist visitors to carry out their trip as safely as possible. With of course all the measures that are necessary to offer the service in a Covid-proof way and to safely welcome visitors at your parking location.

Via the site visitors can choose the right parking garage and can reserve a space immediately. Visitors will be immediately redirected to the reservation page of our service partners and from there the parking space can be reserved and paid for.

Benefits for your visitors:

– No search traffic in the city centre

– Insight in the arrival and departure time of your visitors

– No queue at the cash terminal and visitors do not have to touch anything!

– Everything will be paid in advance digitally and the entrance is based on registration.

– Pleasant feeling for your visitors

Would you also like to welcome potential visitors to your reservation page with a link on Prettig Ask for our options. Of course, we can also support you with a turnkey reservation solution to supplement your current parking management system so that you can offer your services again.

For more information you can contact us at:

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Parking service theatre Tiel via TLEX parking reservation platform

Visitors of the Agnietenhof theatre in Tiel can now benefit from a parking service via a special parking reservation platform. When booking theatre performances, visitors can reserve a parking space as well. Some extra service for the theatre visitors, no more hassle on the spot and therefore fewer queues during the shows.

Parking with a reduced rate and pay online in advance
Parking is possible in the adjacent parking garage Westluidense Poort, Rechtbankstraat 1. Theatre visitors can benefit from an Evening Parking Ticket with a reduced fixed rate of € 3.50 (entry from 5 p.m.) that can be paid in advance online. A few days prior to the performance, visitors will receive a service e-mail with a link to the Parking Evening Card with which they can reserve and pay for their parking space in advance. In this way, visitors can immediately leave the parking garage after the performance.

TLEX Parking platform Monotch
To realize this mobility challenge, Monotch has created a user-friendly booking platform for Tiel with functionalities such as:

  • reservation and payment of parking places in the municipal parking garage via a link to the Evening Parking ticket when reserving theatre tickets;
  • dynamic parking fees for parking garages;
  • possibility for combination offers during events. This is based on a real-time link with the parking management systems of the garages;
  • possibility of paying directly for the reserved parking space.

The parking reservation function in Tiel is now live and visitors are already making full use of the favourable Evening Parking ticket offered by the theatre.

For more information about the Monotch TLEX Parking platform, mail to

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Parking service theatre Tiel via TLEX parking reservation platform