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Monotch and Be-Mobile announce partnership for C-ITS roll-out in Europe

At the ITS World Congress in Hamburg Dutch and Flemish smart mobility specialists Monotch and Be-Mobile have signed a partnership agreement for the realization and upscaling of C-ITS services in the Netherlands, Flanders, France and the rest of Europe. With this collaboration, both parties underline the importance of a fully operational C-ITS ecosystem which provides many benefits for the stakeholders in the C-ITS ecosystem such as improving traffic flows and road safety, prioritizing road users and reducing emissions. Together they are able to serve the entire mobility ecosystem and offer cities, road authorities and road users excellent opportunities to deploy C-ITS services to their fullest potential.

By teaming up for the Dutch, Flemish and French market Monotch and Be-Mobile are able to further promote the benefits of V2X platforms. Monotch provides data flows via the TLEX I2V platform by connecting traffic light controllers and other roadside equipment to service providers, the automotive industry, road authorities, emergency services and ultimately road users. This perfectly matches Be-Mobile’s C-ITS platform that enables drivers to instantaneously receive local traffic information and to anticipate traffic conditions beyond the windshield and has gained a lot of knowledge when it comes to C-ITS use case aggregation. Time-to-red, time-to-green, informing road users about hazardous situations, traffic light priority, to name but a few.

Tangible benefits and countless C-ITS services
The data flows exchanged by connecting traffic light controllers and other road-side equipment to road operators and service providers has an enormous potential to improve traffic flows and road safety, prioritize certain road users and reduce emissions. Road authorities can get realtime insights into the traffic situation, guide traffic and implement and analyse traffic policies without implementing expensive road side communication systems. System integrators can leverage the data to develop innovative solutions. The collected data can be turned into services which offer travellers a seamless driving experience based on personalized advice, making the interaction between driver and roadside systems a tangible reality.

Ready to serve the entire value chain
Both parties continue building on the successful cooperation and realization of C-ITS use cases in the Netherlands and their joint submission for the Mobilidata programme in Flanders. The Be-Mobile C-ITS data and use case aggregation for emergency vehicles, traffic lights and variable message signs, the Flitsmeister traffic information and payments services and the Monotch data aggregation of the TLEX I2V platform will clearly reinforce each other. The partnership not only prepares the infrastructure for connected and automated mobility but it also enables a large-scale roll-out of C-ITS services in Europe. The services can make a significant contribution to more sustainable driving, traffic prioritization, traffic optimization and realtime traffic information to road users. Road users will direcly benefit from the combined market-ready C-ITS solutions such as in-car signage and hazardous situation notifications.

Menno Malta, CEO of Monotch, really enjoys working together. “Be-Mobile and Monotch not only share the vision of C-ITS, but also have the drive to provide high-quality and scalable services that directly benefit cities, road authorities and road users.”

Jorn de Vries, CCO at Be-Mobile, adds that all parties will have a complementary role. “Together we can serve the entire value chain.This makes us the ideal partner for cities, road operators and other stakeholders to let C-ITS come to life everywhere in Europe.”

About Be-Mobile and subsidiary Flitsmeister
Be-Mobile is a smart mobility service provider, headquartered in Ghent, Belgium. Be-Mobile offers high-quality services in the field of smart mobility, traffic monitoring and management, traffic information, mobile payments and tolling. The most important asset is (big) data from connected vehicles and devices, so-called Floating Car Data (FCD). In addition, as co-owner, Be-Mobile is also responsible for marketing business-to-business services and data from Flitsmeister. With  more than 2,200,000 users, the most famous traffic application in the Netherlands. With a customer portfolio consisting of more than 32 car manufacturers, Be-Mobile is one of Europe’s leading traffic information suppliers with a set of exclusive data.

For press announcement and further information on Be-Mobile click here.

Datadelingsplatform voor NordicWay 3 live
Monotch en Be-Mobile kondigen samenwerking aan voor C-ITS uitrol in Europa
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New solution partner TriOpSys facilitates secure UDAP connection

Monotch’s partner network has been expanded with a new partner on July 1st, namely TriOpSys. Both Monotch and TriOpSys endorse the importance that smart mobility requires smart information exchange between road users, road authorities and service providers. Earlier this year, the Urban Data Access Platform (UDAP) was launched. This platform, developed by Monotch, ensures a quick, reliable and easy data exchange between the different parties. TriOpSys has an impressive track record when it comes to providing traffic management services to road authorities that monitor and guide traffic. With the announced collaboration TriOpSys and Monotch will join forces when it comes to guiding and unburdening road authorities, especially in the field of network security and facilitating a secure connection to UDAP.

UDAP service and link to road objects
The UDAP platform mainly focuses on receiving and quickly transmitting data for the smart control of roadside systems such as intelligent traffic control systems, bollards and barriers. But the platform offers many more options. For example, road authorities will be able to manage their own roadside systems and applications in the ‘SystemAdministration’ of UDAP and authorize others to do so. They can also make the desired traffic management decisions based on the data communication of the roadside systems connected to UDAP and give specific road users priority at traffic lights.

Secure network environment for data exchange
Monotch has found the perfect solution partner in TriOpSys to securely connect road authorities with the UDAP platform for the IT specialist has built up extensive knowledge as an expert in mission critical IT and mobility. UDAP is specially built to quickly and securely exchange large volumes of data. Safety and speed are a requirement, but also a major challenge. The rules for connecting to UDAP are therefore deliberately strict. Not every road authority can be connected to UDAP just like that. Continued extensive testing for compliance with quality requirements is an important measure to ensure data security. And TriOpSys can play an important role as a solution partner. The specialist knowledge and experience of TriOpSys in the field of business-critical systems fits seamlessly with Monotch’s requirements for connections with UDAP. As a partner, TriOpSys can guide road authorities step-by-step in connecting them to the UDAP SystemAdministration and ensure a secure connection.

Rolf Appel, Business Unit Manager Traffic Management at TriOpSys states that this partnership also guarantees that Monotch and TriOpSys will exchange valuable knowledge with each other so that TriOpSys customers will establish and maintain connections with UDAP efficiently and with good quality. “With our collaboration, we can both improve the service to road authorities and unburden them in this regard. In the coming years we will also look at where Monotch’s software and TriOpSys integration services can strengthen each other even more”.

Menno Malta, Director Smart Mobility at Monotch, is impressed by TriOpSys’ expertise and years of experience in network security. “This is a great way to connect our expertise and technology, and we also remain alert and keen on the quality requirements set by the Urban Data Access Platform”.

About TriOpSys
TriOpSys specializes in designing, building and managing mission critical IT systems, or business-critical software systems that should never fail. Examples are traffic and emergency centres (on land, at sea and in the air), message and command centres and control rooms. The TriOpSys team has extensive knowledge of control room systems, technical interfaces, software development, architectures and also has the necessary scrum/agile experience. The activities are divided into three domains, namely: traffic management, public safety & security and defense & space.

Nieuwe solution partner TriOpSys faciliteert veilige UDAP-verbinding
TLEX technology used to reduce nuisance in Scheveningen
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Interview with new Monotch vendor partner Cycledata

Interview with Cees van der Zijl – Sales & Strategy Manager at Cycledata about the Monotch partnership

  • Can you briefly explain what Cycledata’s activities are?

With the Signum, Cycledata provides municipalities and provinces with qualitative real data from bicycles on cycle paths. We do this with an accuracy of more than 95%, even during peak hours and without using any algorithms. Cities can gain insight into the number of bicycles driving there, in which direction, at what speed and at what time on the cycle path. Our unique feature is the high accuracy, even at busy times and that the data is real-time. Resulting that the Signum can also be used as an i-Signum by linking it up to an intelligent traffic light controller (iTLC) to realize a flow of cyclists. The traffic light can therefore switch to green sooner or remain green longer based on the measurements by the i-Signum and the link via Monotch’s Talking Traffic platform.

  • What is your specific expertise in the field of traffic and transport?

Our expertise is in providing accurate real data about bicycles on cycle paths. This can also be combined with intelligent traffic light controllers (iTLC) to realize throughput for bicycles on cycle paths. The advantage is that it not only collects data but sends data as input to the iTLC at the same time. This way the traffic lights will be able to change to green sooner or remain green longer in case of cycle pelotons.

  • How do Cycledata and Monotch work together and what is the added value of this collaboration for Cycledata?

Cycledata’s radar technology linked with Monotch’s TLEX/UDAP data platform allows municipalities to prioritize cycling platoons. The more bicycles are signaled on the cycle path by the Signum, the more priority the traffic light can give. Thanks to the link with Monotch’s TLEX platform, our customers can now also directly manage traffic flows with the collected bicycle data. An important value addition to our i-Signum and services to municipalities and provinces. The pilot ‘Bicycle peloton recognition/intelligent traffic control systems in Utrecht is very successful and we can hopefully deploy our data link in other cities as well.

  • What do you expect from the Monotch partnership?

A professional collaboration with a professional party to jointly roll out the i-Signum, whereby Monotch is our partner for the link with intelligent traffic control systems. After the pilot in Utrecht, the first i-Signums will already be installed.

Monotch en Nodeon verbeteren C-ITS data uitwisseling in Finland
Nieuwe solution partner TriOpSys faciliteert veilige UDAP-verbinding
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Interview with new Monotch solution partner Sentors

Get to know our new solution partner Sentors in the below interview with founder Sander Maas.

Can you briefly explain what the activities of Sentors are and what your specific expertise in the field of traffic and transport is?

Sentors is a supplier of camera systems which are able to recognize sea containers and are placed at entrances and exits of container transits, depots, factories and shippers/warehouses. Sentors registers all container-related information that is important in the operation and planning of these organizations. This usually starts with the registration of the unique container identification code, but the container type and a dangerous goods indication are also included. The same applies to the license plates of the truck and trailer with which the container is transported, and in case of a train we also register the wagon code. This information is then bundled and forwarded to the planning software in real time.

The benefits of the camera system are time savings, error checks whether the correct container is on the right trailer, and a billing check. The information can also be used as evidence in disputes in the event of container damage. A major advantage of our approach is the modular set-up and flexible deployment. We can already start with one camera and existing infrastructure such as masts can be reused.

We mainly focus on logistics applications, but for multimodal modes of transport (water, rail and road). This means that our applications are also conceivable for traffic and transport, such as measuring how many containers are transported by road or rail or registering the transport of dangerous goods.

How do Sentors and Monotch work together and what is the added value of this collaboration for Sentors?

The added value of working with Monotch is actually twofold for us. On the one hand, it concerns the sector in which Monotch is active. With our products we also see opportunities for applications in the traffic sector and Monotch already provides solutions for accessing traffic data with which municipalities and provinces are familiar. So if we are going to do traffic measurements for road authorities, then we could open this up to Monotch, and Monotch can further enrich this with other data sources, create dashboards on them, and make this data accessible to different users.

On the other hand, it concerns Monotch’s technical platform. Our solutions are aimed at serving one organization that owns the camera system and the site itself. But as soon as this is accessible for multiple users all with different rights and interests, whether or not supplemented with other data sources, you get completely different dynamics and need expertise around data governance. So who can see what, and how do you draw up these data governance rules? Monotch already has a lot of experience with this and has arranged this in their TLEX platform for, among other things, the traffic control systems (TLCs). Both aspects are also reflected in our collaboration in the DALI project at the Port and Industrial Estate of Moerdijk. Here Sentors takes care of the container registration at the entrance and Monotch uses this data and supplements it with other data such as gates and TLCs, and makes this data accessible.

What do you expect from the Monotch partnership?

We have been working together for a year now in the DALI project in Moerdijk and the collaboration already feels familiar. Paul Potters and I have known each other for several years before we started working together, so that also helps. We are now looking at options for further rollout of our joint solutions, especially at the intersection of traffic and logistics. For example in industrial areas, or public traffic applications with a logistics element such as container transport. We are actually complementary to this, both in terms of market focus and in the technical field. I expect this to be applied into more projects in which we will work together in the short term, not only in the Netherlands but also in Belgium, for example.

Camerasysteem haven Moerdijk zorgt voor efficiënte containerregistratie
Interview met nieuwe Monotch solution partner Sentors
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Monotch and Dynniq announce global partnership

Monotch and Dynniq announce global partnership to speed up further C-ITS rollout

The use of mobile equipment and the rise of the Internet of Things offer unprecedented opportunities to manage mobility smarter and more efficient. Data technology allows people, devices and systems to communicate with each other and share information. This is also applies to Cooperative ITS, which enables communication between vehicles and infrastructure. By using real-time data exchange, road users are better informed, traffic can be prioritized based on their characteristics and traffic flows can be further optimized. With a global partnership, Dynniq and Monotch have joined forces to make ITS data exchange easier and make existing technology even smarter.

Thanks to smart technology, Dynniq connects road users with roadside systems. This enables in-car information, which helps road users to make better decisions. And generate traffic information that is used to help road authorities to manage traffic more efficiently. Cooperative ITS will play an increasingly important role in informing road users on speed, accidents, approaching emergency services etc. Monotch developed a special data exchange platform called TLEX I2V, realizing a real-time data flow with different objects from different suppliers of different road authorities, made available for solutions from different service providers.

Solid basis for further rollout of C-ITS technology
By entering into a global partnership, both parties can strengthen each other. Thanks to the partnership, technology supplier Dynniq is able to better respond to the governments desire to realize a central Cooperative ITS data hub. This enables an increase in the use of Cooperative ITS services and offers numerous revenue opportunities such as upgrading roadside systems and Cooperative ITS applications, data analysis etc. Dynniq and Monotch have previously worked together in the Talking Traffic partnership and European projects such as C-Mobile, MAVEN and GLOSA and turned the C-ITS architecture into a solid foundation for sustainable, safe and smart urban mobility.

The combined market-ready solutions make a significant contribution to traffic prioritization, traffic optimization and real-time information to road users. Both companies believe that collaboration is essential for the further rollout of C-ITS technology. For the implementation of C-ITS and fully autonomous vehicles remains dependent on the supporting infrastructure, regulations and collaboration between interested parties.

“Thanks to the interface with TLEX I2V from Monotch, we can make our traffic control equipment even smarter. In addition, the interface can be used to improve service provision to special road users such as emergency services and trucks. This gives us the opportunity to optimally serve our customers, ”says Peter Broekroelofs, CDO Dynniq Group.

Menno Malta, CEO of Monotch, is also pleased with the global partnership with Dynniq. “This is a great way to connect our expertise and technology. This cooperation clearly shows that ecosystem solutions are the basis for improving the mobility system. And that Dynniq and Monotch are proactively working on C-ITS.”

About Dynniq
We help to manage mobility flows in our society through advanced ITS technology solutions. Our mission is to enable people, data and goods to reach their destinations safely, sustainably and efficiently. These are exciting and dynamic times as new technologies, opportunities and businesses are disrupting the traditional traffic management market. This is the world we live in, and this is the world in which we as Dynniq make a difference by touching the lives of millions of people every day.

Over decades, we have gained profound knowledge and experience. Our solutions enable the development and efficient use of mobility flows that create a vital and strong infrastructure.

Vernieuwde ANWB Onderweg App voorziet reiziger van parkeeradvies vooraf
Dynniq en Monotch gaan partnership aan
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Radiuz selects Monotch as its parking data partner

Provider of integrated mobility solutions, Radiuz, can now offer even more parking service to its customers with the ready-to-use and easy to integrate Parking API from Monotch. Via the API, parking data about locations, rates, current occupancy and zone codes can be provided, as well as reservation options. After intensive preparations, testing and good cooperation in all areas, Radiuz has chosen to add the parking data from Monotch to its Mobility app. The choice fell on Monotch because of the complete package of realtime parking data and parking functionalities. This way, Radiuz’s improved parking services are able to provide even more convenience for travellers and for service providers extra turnover and technical support. Monotch is proud to be able to contribute to the success of Radiuz.

Partner in mobility
Starting point of our new partner, Radiuz, is that in everything we do, the question must be asked: what moves you and where do you want to move? As an employer or employee, but especially as a person. Mobility brings us closer together. With family and friends. In sports, culture and work. It brings us to this afternoon’s meeting and tonight’s appointment. We want to increase the feeling of freedom by simplifying mobility. “Mobility as easy as water from a tap.”

As part of one of the main players in the European mobility market, the Autobinck Group, Radiuz wants to create an ecosystem to fulfill this mission. For the parking data in the Netherlands, Radiuz has chosen to apply this via the Monotch API link. “Since all activities of Monotch are aimed at strengthening sustainable mobility and increasing travel pleasure, the match was quickly made.”

The detailed data, the good preparations and a suitable offer have ensured that both parties are proud to work together to put a great, but above all successful mobility solution on the market. This allows users of the Radiuz app to make a good choice where they want to park their car.

About Radiuz
Radiuz is a leading provider of integrated mobility solutions that, with its own digital platform and back office, makes all forms of transport and related services accessible. Mobility cards based on the Radiuz platform integrate services such as: the use of all public transport modalities, fuel refueling, electric charging, parking, taxi use, (private) leasing, etc. Radiuz unburdens its customers by organizing business travels, administering and reporting. Radiuz is able to provide barrier-free access to a complete range of modalities and also offers freedom in mobility choice, in terms of modalities and providers, and always based on the needs of the user.

More information about Radiuz can be found at

Radiuz selecteert Monotch als parkeerdata partner
Renewed ANWB Onderweg App provides travellers with pre-trip parking advice
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Monotch winner Automotive Innovation Award 2019

Yesterday evening the winners of the Automotive Innovation Award 2019 were announed. We are extremely proud to be the winner in the category Services!

The jury, under the lead of former Dutch prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende, had the challenging task to select the winners from a large number of strong contestors. Mr Balkenende “The Automotive Innovation Award is a two-yearly tribute to the innovative capacity of the Dutch automotive industry. Again, this year the field of contestors was of international standing. These innovations put The Netherlands on the map. We don’t have a sizable industry in terms of car production numbers but our components make all the difference. Looking at the future, innovation is the game changer to make mobility smarter, safer and more sustainable.”

In the category Services, with innovations in the area of sharing- and service platforms, data collection and data management Monotch wins the award with the TLEX product/ A platform that connects road side equipment with road users for real time bi-directional data exchange.

About Monotch the jury reports: “Monotch has designed a platform with hugh potential to improve traffic flow. It also contributes to safer traffic. The impact this platform can have on the traffic in The Netherlands and Europe is enormous.”

Menno Malta, CEO of Monotch, stated “This is a great encouragement. It is our dream to connect road users and road side equipment. This mission requires patience as road side equipment is gradually made smart but we’ll expect to see the results within 3 years in The Netherlands. But our ambition goes further, beyond the Dutch border. This is a great step towards the future.”

More information on the Automotive Innovation Award can be found here.


Monotch winner Automotive Innovation Award 2019
Monotch amongst TOP150 EU Mobility startups