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Provide in-vehicle warnings of static and mobile road works


Navigating safely around construction with real-time alerts

Explore how we enhance road safety and efficiency. In the evolving road safety landscape, digital solutions offer a significant leap forward from traditional warning systems. By leveraging the TLEX platform, Monotch delivers accurate, real-time information on road works to drivers, enhancing the safety of both road users and workers with dynamic updates on construction site locations.

[ 01 / How? ]

A Seamless Alert System for Road Works

Our system starts with connected roadwork vehicles, such as message trailers, shock absorbers and road inspectors equipped with GPS. These objects and vehicles broadcast their locations to Traffic Control Centres or directly to the TLEX platform. This crucial data is then instantly shared with all road users via the TLEX platform through apps and in-car devices, providing timely warnings that allow drivers to slow down, maintain safe distances, or find alternative routes, significantly boosting road safety.

[ 02 / Benefits ]

Transformative Advantages of Road Works Warning (RWW)

The introduction of RWW revolutionises road safety:

  • Delivers real-time alerts to drivers,
  • Ensures data compliance and enables immediate corrective action for road works,
  • Increases the precision of matrix signs, enhancing situational awareness,
  • Allows for adaptive management of road works, reducing disruptions during peak traffic hours.

It also benefits the authorities because it:

  • Controls data quality
  • Allow multiple types and brands of road work vehicles and objects to connect affordably
  • Use road works data for multiple purposes

This approach enhances safety and improves the overall efficiency of traffic flow around construction sites while being cost-efficient and easily connectable.

[ 03 / Effect ]

Future-proofing road safety

Our vision extends beyond the present, with the technology designed for scalability. By integrating additional vehicle types into the system, such as those involved in lane marking, we can offer even more significant enhancements to road safety, keeping pace with the evolving needs of modern traffic management.

[ 04 / Implementation ]

Get started

To learn more about road work warnings, download our detailed ‘Digital Tracking System’ case study about the implementation of the Flemish Road Authority in the Mobilidata project in Belgium. The UDAP (Urban Data Access Platform) and Mobilidata case studies share many more details on how to get started with a deployment.

Of course, you can contact our team for more information or a demo.

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