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Conditional city access for designated traffic


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Discover how to make city centres more liveable and attractive. The charm of a bustling city centre lies in its vibrant mix of homes, shops, and cultural hotspots. Yet, this allure often clashes with the reality of traffic congestion. Monotch introduces a dynamic, intelligent solution to this challenge. Integrating retractable bollards and poles with our TLEX platform enables selective access to city centres, ensuring traffic flows smoothly without compromising the area’s liveability or appeal.

[ 01 / How ]

Smart access in action

Imagine a city where access is as smart as it is seamless. Vehicles equipped with intelligent technology communicate their access requests as they approach city barriers. The TLEX platform processes these requests, allowing only authorised vehicles through. It’s not just about opening gates—it’s about opening possibilities for a balanced, dynamic urban environment.

[ 02 / Benefits ]

What are the benefits?

This use case offers cities the power to:

  • Tailor traffic flow to local needs, restricting access to essential or designated vehicles only,
  • Implement forward-thinking policies, such as prioritising eco-friendly transport,
  • Ensure that emergency services can move freely, enhancing safety for all.

[ 03 / Effect ]

Redefining City Center Accessibility

With Monotch’s smart city access solutions, urban centres transform into spaces that breathe. Traffic is meticulously managed, ensuring only necessary vehicles grace the city’s core. The result? A vibrant, accessible, and sustainable urban heart.

[ 04 / Implementation ]

Get started

From our detailed case studies you can learn how to get started with a large-scale deployment. Both the UDAP (Urban Data Access Platform) as well as the Mobilidata case studies show you how to get started, step by step, intersection by intersection, or in this case bollard by bollard.

If you wish to learn more or get a demo, please reach out to our team.

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Our implementations


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