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Monotch tlex platforms

Monotch helps Traffic Technology Vendors to expand their market proposition and speeds up the evolution of the smart mobility eco-system.
With the TLEX I2V Platform vendors can offer their customers an answer towards the need of a central C-ITS data hub (professional, secure, scalable and independent) while staying in control on their (open) data and eco-system solutions. The deployment of C-ITS services offers revenue opportunities in  many fields (upgrading equipment, TLC/C-ITS applications and services, data analysis etc.)
Road side equipment is securely connected to the TLEX platform. For the convenience of connecting parties multiple interfacing technologies are in place. Status and planning messages are exchanged bi-directional real-time in standardized message formats. TLEX manages security, performance, timing, context files. Management portals are available for administrative tasks.

Smart mobility platforms

Monotch products & services


a highly scalable platform which connects roadside equipment to road users

TLEX Parking

a platform which provides insight into availabe parking spaces and making them bookable

TLEX City Hub

a platform that offers plan, book, payment transactions and route advice functionalities

Traffic Technology Vendors

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