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Monotch helps Road Authorities to achieve their smart mobility goals and to facilitate mobility demands.
Urban and interurban areas will benefit from a better flow of all traffic. Better traffic flow has a beneficial effect on safety and emissions. Smart solutions at busy intersections (time-to-green information, prioritisation, green wave for emergency services, right of way for public transport), city centres (reduce search for parking) and important arterial roads (in-vehicle-information) result in better regulation of traffic and enable disruptions to be dealt with quickly and effectively.
With the TLEX I2V Platform enabling the direct interaction with road-users, road authorities can implement and analyze traffic policies based on detailed realtime traffic data without implementing expensive road side communication systems. Road users will be able to rely on safer, more comfortable and more efficient journeys with more reliable journey times.

Smart mobility platforms

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a highly scalable platform which connects roadside equipment to road users

TLEX City Hub

a platform that offers plan, book, payment transactions and route advice functionalities

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