NPO Start (Dutch television)

Mona Keijzer (Dutch secretary of state) mentions Monotch on Dutch national television.


Platform Smart Mobility (website)

Data platform UDAP is the new smart mobility standard and multi functional. In the future we can use it for all kinds of other data, for example tire pressure via sensors.


Utrecht Region (website of a Dutch cooperation)

Radar test with smart traffic light for cyclists in Utrecht City, with this system there is no need for downloading an app.


Dutch Mobility Innovations (website)

A significant milestone was reached in early December with the 700th intelligent traffic light online and active in the Talking Traffic data chain.


Dutch Mobility Innovations (website)

Dutch ambulances will always be "connected" and therefore "digitally visible", they are the first emergency service to connect to Talking Traffic.


CROW fietsberaad (bicycle council)

Tests with cyclists and radar to simulate the use of the iVRI app, a future with more green lights for cyclists.